Bungee Jumping Locations

There are some moments in your life which totally get you on an all time high. At that moment, nothing matters, it is just you savoring the moment and taking in the pleasure. You transcend all the boundaries of frivolous fears and worldly things. Your adrenaline is rushing like crazy and you feel that moment should never end. I think for those who have done bungee jumping might have felt the same way. Bungee jumping is an extreme sport, where a person jumps from an incredibly tall structure, connected to a large elastic cord. Normally the structure is a stationary point like a building, bridge, or even a crane but this jump can be taken from a hot air balloon or even a chopper. The thrill from the free fall, notwithstanding the elasticity of the cord leads to a sort of rebound which adds to the fun. There are a number of bungee jumping locations in USA and other parts of the world. Let's take a plunge into knowing what they are!

Best Locations for Bungee Jumping

Idaho, Perrine Bridge
One of the most exciting bungee jumping spots, Perrine bridge in Idaho offers a 486 ft fall in the Snake River. This is the only man-made bridge in the USA where bungee jumping is allowed, that too without a permit throughout the year.

Victoria Falls Bridge
Go east in Africa, you have Zimbabwe offering a fabulous and breathtaking bungee jumping location. This is a 500 ft drop from the Victoria falls bridge over the Zambezi river, connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia. The thrill of the jump combined with a dreamy spray of the waterfall - wow! Must go!

Grande Canyon, Arizona
This is another bungee jumping location in Arizona, USA. Here at the northern tip of Grande Canyon, Marble Canyon, at Kuskulana Bridge, you can jump from a height of 470 ft.

Ticino, Switzerland 
Yes this is that famous dam from where '007- James Bond' jumped in the movie Golden Eye. Verzasca dam is the name of the place in Switzerland which has on offer a plunge from a 220 m high hydroelectric dam. Ticino valley, Switzerland is the place where it is located.

Ah, the enchanting Latin America is not far behind! To tell you more, if Switzerland boasted of a dam bungee jump, Chile boasts of a nose dive in lava from a Volcano! Moreover, it is an active volcano. Now if this does not get your adrenaline rushing, nothing can! You have to take a helicopter to reach this site in Pucon, Chile. You are sure to get as close to the death as you can at this site. 

The Bridge to Nowhere, California
This bungee jumping site is one of the most popular ones in USA. The bridge is located around 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, in the lovely Angeles National Forest.

Bhote Khosi Bungee, Kathmandu, Nepal
Ah.. The Eastern ecstasy is at its best in Nepal, a cozy country situated in the heart of the magnificent Himalayas, very close to India. The snow-capped mountains are a perfect background to take a 500 ft fall. The Bhote Khosi river gushes wildly underneath the bridge for bungee jumping.

Great Canadian Bungee
If you are still not impressed, try jumping from a cliff in Canada. This spectacular site is flanked by limestone walls and an enchanting aqua-blue colored lagoon. Further, it is just around 30 minutes or less from downtown Ottawa at the Morrison's quarry. Here you can have a 200 ft head or body dip and the rebound is a mind-blowing 160 ft! Whoa!

New Zealand 
In Queenstown, the jump off the Kawarau river is fantastic! The jumper has an option of a head-shoulder splash down in the river here. Interestingly, this is the world's first bungee jumping site. The platform of the bridge is 43 mts above the river.

Macau Tower 
Okay, Volcanoes, bridges and cliffs. Nothing has impressed you. So I saved the best for the last. It is the Macau Tower in China. This plunge continues for 18 seconds and you stop only 30 feet short of the ground after going down a ripper- 762 ft! Gosh I am getting goose bumps just by writing about this! This fall will surely make you believe in god and you are definitely going to get a flashback of your life while you go down!

Apart from these, there a few more bungee jumping locations in Australia, South Africa and in USA as well. These are the best of the lot, I would say if you want to have a really breathtaking or rather 'breath stopping' experience!

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